One to One Coaching

One to one coaching is one of our most popular training modules for enthusiastic individuals who are eager to change their life style by following some effective steps for getting success. In our one to one session we try to hear the problems from our valued solution seekers to analyze their situation. We all have different types of problems in our life but most interestingly every problem has multiple solutions. We design our tailor made training modules based on the person, situation and the intensity of the problem. Some of our solutions come up with charts and checklists. So, it is highly recommended for the participants to follow the rules and guidelines to get the desired output. We have categorized our one to one session in three different modules as given below:

Personal Counseling

1. Mental strength building
2. Removing negative thoughts from mind
3. Relief from depression
4. How to overcome limiting beliefs
5. ADHD solutions
6. Problem solving skill

1. Flip chart
2. Mental healing
3. Emotional intelligence
4. Spiritual thought process
5. Sound therapy
6. Behavioral change checklist

1. 1 day session (10 am- 5pm)
2. 1 week session (10 am- 5pm) | (Sunday- Thursday)
3. 1 month session (10 am-1pm) | (Sunday, Tuesday)
P.S: 50% discount for students with valid ID card.

Start Up Entrepreneurship

1. Build a sustainable business model
2. Effective way of setting the sales channel
3. Seed Funding procedures
4. Organizing skills for business leaders
5. Establishing a strong team
6. Finding out the USP
7. Competitive analysis
8. How to set contingency plan

1. Designing a profitable business model
2. Choosing the right sales channel for your business (Corporate/Retail/Tele/Direct/Online)
3. Proposal writing for seed funding, venture capitalist or angel investors
4. Leadership for entrepreneurs
5. Team building, management and influencing factors
6. Identify your USP by conducting research & development (R&D)
7. SWOT analysis for you and your competitors
8. Setting up Pan-A, B, C, D for survival

1. 1 day session (10 am- 5pm)
2. 1 week session (10 am- 5pm) | (Sunday- Thursday)
3. 1 month session (10 am-1pm) | (Sunday, Tuesday)
4. 1 year as business consultancy
P.S: 50% discount for students with valid ID card

Success Coaching

1. Setting your S.M.A.R.T goals
2. Figuring out your strength
3. Mastering the strength of your skills
4. Setting up positive attitude
5. How to handle social pressure
6. Following the right steps towards success

1. NPV method
2. SWOT analysis
3. Behavioral change resolution
4. S.M.A.R.T goal design
5. Future forecasting
6. 90 days checklist for action plan

Our success coaching module is specially designed for 90 days active life changing experience. We are dedicated to improve the life style and attitude of our participants. So, you will be monitored for 90 days by our team members. This is a long term procedure where we monitor the performance and behavioral changes of our participants to ensure a healthy and happy life.
P.S: 50% discount for students with valid ID card

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