Negotiation skills

Negotiation skill is a master way of bargaining for a specific fact where both parties would be beneficial. Negotiation skill is used for both internal and external customers for different types of issues. Whether it’s employees compensation negotiation or benefit issues or negotiation for a better deal with customer, supplier or stakeholders it is very important to win the game by following some strategy. Negotiation skill will give you the power to dominate your competitors and partners. Researchers have divided these skills in three major categories which are given below:

  • Integrative Skills
  • Distributive Skills
  • Adaptive Skills

We have developed our training modules so that they can become skilled at effective negotiation, complex influencing techniques and develop an eco system to dominate the opposition.

Distributive Negotiation: Distributive negotiation is a process where it requires less information exchange with egoistic motivation. Skill sets of distributive negotiation includes anchoring the bargaining range closer to one’s own desired outcome, justifying why someone’s offer is suitable, challenging opposition offer justification, avoiding concessions and focusing on advantages held over by other party.

Integrative Negotiation: Integrative Negotiation requires lots of information since it involves multiple issues being negotiated in a meeting. Win-Win situation is being prioritized in this strategy since long term relationship matters in business environment. Integrative negotiators have a concern for others and they have to prosocially motivated for win-win situation. Asking questions to opposition identify tradeoffs and make multi issue offers, build trust through problem solving approach, creating satisfactory outcomes are the basic steps for integrative negotiator.

Adaptable Negotiation: Sometimes organization requires different types of leadership and negotiator. Especially when integrative and distributive negotiation skill doesn’t work well adaptable negotiation skill can overcome those obstacles of decision making. For dynamic leadership style adaptable negotiation is the only way to avoid conflict and unexpected incidents.

Training Objective
1. Understanding the importance of negotiation
2. Mastering the art of negotiation
3. Reaching organizational goal through effective negotiation
4. Business development through MOU
5. How to handle internal and external customers of an organization
6. Business policy design

Training Modules
1. Win-Win Strategy
2. Strategic negotiation
3. Negotiation for alliance/ joint venture
4. Negotiation with employees
5. Negotiation mechanism
6. Analytical viewpoint of negotiation

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