Module 1: Personal Branding For Success

1.1) Clarity

  • Clarify your corporate values & branding identity
  • How to congruent your corporate branding with your image projection
  • Create your branding slogan base on heart branding methodology

1.2) Character

  • Discover your strengths & attributes in life & work
  • How to build a specific characteristic for your branding
  • How to utilize your unique personality & imply it in your non-verbal communication
  • How to create a winning attitude to attract prospect

1.3) Credibility

  • How to enhance your credibility
  • Analyzing your branding tools
  • How to create a persuasive & convincing profile
  • Create a powerful elevator pitch for your presentation

1.4) Connection

  • Understand the power of networking
  • How to attract the right network, people & relationships by creating positive energy
  • Create positive relationships for business
  • Ways to create your story & branding by press media
  • How to build your brand through social media
  • Social media & tools to connect & follow up
  • Tips to enhance your brand using Facebook, Twitter & Blog

1.5) Charisma

  • What are the elements that contribute to Charm?
  • How to build a trustworthy image & manage it?
  • How to enhance your energy with color?
  • How to use non-verbal communications to make a lasting impression


Module 2: Product/ Service Branding

2.1) Segmentation

  • Identifying the right target market
  • Analyzing consumer behavior of segmented people
  • Identifying customers need
  • Segmentation for revenue growth

2.2) Marketing Channel

  • Finding the right marketing channel
  • Cost benefit analysis of marketing channel
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Strategic decisions for marketing channels

2.3) Creating Strong Brand Image

  • Brand association with strong brands
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Quality concerned branding
  • How to deliver clear message through branding
  • Strategic decisions for popularizing logo/trademark
  • Focusing on word of mouth

2.4) Brand Awareness

  • Social media campaign
  • Road show, event and activation
  • Delivering the right message through awareness campaign
  • Triggering customer needs
  • Associating brand value with awareness campaign

2.5) Team Values

  • Organizing team
  • Aligning team members with brand value
  • Corporate grooming
  • Professionalism for creating better impact on customers
  • Mentoring awareness campaign
  • Positive attitudes of team members
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