Corporate Norms for Social Media

Social media has a vital part in our daily life. Whether it is researching on a person / company or expanding network for marketing purposes social media has a huge influence on our lifestyle. However; corporate environment has some rules and regulations for using social media with proper manner. Lack of knowledge of corporate culture would lead you to conflict or any unexpected situation. To remove the confusion about social media we have designed our workshop to understand the pitfalls of public vs. private life.


  1. Learning of the corporate culture for virtual world
  2. Do’s & Don’t of social media for corporate environment
  3. Importance of privacy
  4. Branding strategy through status and pages
  5. Understanding chain of command
  6. Social media etiquette


  1. Difference between corporate life and personal life
  2. Hiding confidential information of your organization
  3. Code of conducts for social media
  4. Picture upload policy
  5. Messenger vs. corporate email

Social media user act for protecting cyber crime

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