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Leadership is a top edge management skill which can lead a team to ultimate success.

According to management researchers like Jim Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner Leadership is a disciplined passion with full of excitement and fun. But the role of leadership could bring stress, workload and challenging responsibilities in your life. Another Leadership expert John Maxwell defines the role of leadership as an influencer.
To master the Leadership Skills we have designed our training modules for:

Our training modules are specially designed with the research findings from top notch organizations and management consultants. The main objective of Leadership training is to identify business leaders and train them to make more leaders.

Creatrix Inventory
The Creatix method is specially designed for emphasizing innovative capacity of both individuals and organizations. This is the only innovation instrument / inventory which is widely used to influence human behaviors to be more innovative. This method encourages leaders to take risks and move forward. This is a fun based training which builds the skill of how to contribute to the team and to the organization.

Other Individual & Team Assessments
We prefer industry oriented assessment through questionnaire, individual interview, observations of team performers, Psycho matrix test. Our assessment depends on the size of the group or organization. Research findings are important to monitor and evaluate the team performance. Leaders performance are also monitored in different roles and responsibilities.

Arceil Leadership Communication
This Leadership format is highly effective for senior level managers who are involved with large number of team members. This Leadership training involves 4 principals which includes awareness, understanding, acceptance and commitment. Our session also focuses on communication skills based on “voices”: ë formal, semi-formal, and informal by which every organization speaks. Arceil Leadership also ensures trust on the leaders through communicational behavior.

Influence People
Influencing people is one of most crucial skills leaders have to have in their expertise checklist. In terms of sales or motivating team members this technique helps us to get the privilege of achieving the leading edge success. There are some social engineering techniques and hypnotizing effects work behind influencing others. This is a Alpha male approach where alpha males can dominate a large group of people through their performance, personality and positive attitudes. We train business leaders how to master these techniques so that they can handle any sorts of team to win the game.

Effective Performance Management: Getting the Most Out of Employee Appraisals
Effective Performance Management is a useful training for managers who want to fine tune organizational problems through applying total quality management. This process helps managers to understand the basic problems of an organization and fix them one by one. The bottle neck approach of Effective Performance Management helps an organization to boost up the performance of individual and team.

Mentoring/ Coaching
Executive coaching is one of the organized way to build your team. Sometimes team members get frustrated of doing the same type of work for a long time. In that case counseling is a basic need for them to sustain in the business cycle. Otherwise their performance graph will show a downward movement. Mentoring is a crucial skill for a team leader. It is highly recommended to understand the difference between a mentor vs. a dictator. Our leadership modules will give you a brief idea how to mentor your team members and act as a coach in business organization.

Building High Performing Teams
This intensive training is specialized for producing high performance team. Different layers of leadership types will help you to understand your team better and make interpersonal communications much stronger. High performance team also requires some other qualities includes team bonding, understanding organizational goal clearly and strategic plan for achieving success.

Group Work Skills
Group work is one of the key foundations for building strong team. Almost every groups in the world faces team conflicts, glass ceiling issues, power conflict, imbalance of team members and related issues. Our training modules includes some interactive sessions which will create an impact on the team members. They will understand the importance of group work.

Interpersonal Skills
This training module includes 4 different forms of skills. These modules will give a brief idea of how solve problems in the organization and how to take control of unpredictable situations. The types of leadership demands more and more skill sets based on the size and skill sets of team members. Interpersonal skill training will be as based on these:

Team Leadership
There are different types of leaders around us and we are highly influence by some of them. However; in successful organizations leadership means a mentor who can lead a team by setting up examples of leading edge performance. Successful leaders can create more leaders and the hierarchy goes on. In modern management system Leader-Leader format is more popular then Leader-Follower format.

Becoming a Supervisor
This training module is designed for new team leaders who are new in supervising a team. They will understand the role and responsibilities of a supervisor from this session. The module will develop the skills of a supervisor to take the lead. It is also beneficial for managers to master the leadership skills.

Communication and Information Processes
Communication is one of the crucial facts about leadership. Communication type, method, contents and tone varies from person to person. Research shows that Alpha males always got the best leadership attitudes when it comes to communication. In business environment command from a leader might be criticized if it’s not communicated well. We have developed some methods which will improve your leadership communications based on your personality and position.

Conflict Management Skills
Conflict is a common problem in a team. Most of the time team members had to experience personal or group conflict in a large team. In that case they come to their team leader to fix the problem. This is a very sensitive moment for team leaders since his/her decisions can make a change. True leaders are identified in the time of crisis. Leaders decision, integrity and advice would fix the problems of team members. So as a leader you need to know how to avoid conflicts and if you face such types of situations how to handle that.

Decision Making, Problem-Solving and Thinking Tools
The process of decision making is the key point for creating a positive impact as a leader. In a business environment manager’s main job is to manage the problems of the organization. Decisions behind solving every single problem require critical reasoning skills and industry related work experience. We have segmented our problem solving modules as:

Leadership Skills for Managers: Fundamentals of Leadership
Leadership has different format and style. It is highly recommended for the top management to understand the basics of leadership and implementation of the team management techniques. If you can create your own checklist then you can follow up your leadership development growth. In our training sessions we provide the learning materials and follow up sheets so that you can continuously grow your leadership skills.

Project Management
Project management is a task oriented job responsibilities for modern managers. For any successful project you need proper planning, balanced team and estimated target to finish the project. Our training sessions will give you a brief idea how to handle project management team and how to solve group and individual problems through bottle neck approach.

Strategic Planning for Leaders
This training module is a step by step guide for strategic decision makers. Participants will learn how to facilitate a business planning process for an organization. They will also learn how to position your company according to organizational goal and how to align the business problem solutions with new strategic planning. Strategic planning is one of the master arts for leaders since sophisticated planning can shape a better future for the whole team and organization. So, it is the most crucial skill sets to dominate your territory by showing your performance.

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